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Allergy Articles

Identification of a defensin as novel allergen in celery root: Api g 7 as a missing link in the diagnosis of celery allergy?
- Read More - Celery Allergy

Course of IgE to α-Gal in a Swedish population of α-Gal syndrome patients
- Read More - Alpha Gal Syndrome

Using Probiotics in Infants with Cow’s Milk Allergy: A Randomized Clinical Trial
- Read More - Cow Milk Allergy

Randomized controlled trial of ragweed sublingual immunotherapy tablet in the subpopulation of Canadian children and adolescents with allergic rhinoconjunctivitis
- Read More - Ragweed Pollen Allergy

Food-Induced Anaphylaxis among Children Weighing less than 15 kg: A Single-Center Case Series of the Pediatric Emergency Department
- Read More - Exercise Induced Anaphylaxis

Optimizing tools for evaluating challenge outcome in children with cashew nut allergy
- Read More - Cashew Nut Allergy

Adverse Events and Labeling Issues Related to Suspected Sesame Allergy Reported in an Online Survey
- Read More - Sesame Allergy

White paper peanut allergy—part 2: Diagnosis of peanut allergy with special emphasis on molecular component diagnostics
- Read More - Peanut Allergy

Does the Food Ingredient Pectin Provide a Risk for Patients Allergic to Non-Specific Lipid-Transfer Proteins?
- Read More - Lipid Transfer Proteins

A Case of Anaphylaxis Caused by Major Royal Jelly Protein 3 of Royal Jelly and Its Cross-Reactivity with Honeycomb
- Read More - Honey Allergy

Milk and cow’s meat allergy in a child: A clinical case
- Read More - Beef Allergy

Nutrition in Patients with Lactose Malabsorption, Celiac Disease, and Related Disorders

Non "G8" food allergies in the North of England and North Wales: A focus on less common food allergens

Randomized controlled pilot trial with ion-exchange water softeners to prevent eczema (SOFTER trial)

Sex-specific developmental trajectories of eczema from infancy to age 26 years: A birth cohort study

Thunderstorm allergy and asthma: state of the art

Test-guided dietary exclusions for treating established atopic dermatitis in children: A systematic review

Medical Adhesive Allergens: Retrospective Analysis of Cross-Sectional Data from the North American Contact Dermatitis Group, 2001-2018

Case report: A veterinarian with a contact allergy to acrylates

No allergy left behind – the importance of food allergy in longitudinal cohorts

A 60-minute dosing interval is safer than a 30- or 40-minute interval in oral food challenge

Prevalence of IgE-Mediated Food Hypersensitivity to Cereals and Beans Based on Skin Prick Test in Children with Celiac Disease

Food allergen ladders: A need for standardization

Early Introduction of Multi-Allergen Mixture for Prevention of Food Allergy

Outdoor pollen concentration is not associated with exercise-induced bronchoconstriction in children

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